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Winery + Waterfall Tour

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Run Time: 6 hours Age Limit: None
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About Winery + Waterfall Tour

Explore wine tasting at some of Washington’s award-winning estate wineries. Our tour will take you over Lake Washington on Seattle's famous Evergreen Point Bridge, the world's second longest floating bridge, to the quaint little town of Woodinville. Washington has been the second largest wine producer in the United States for years and has produced top-scoring wines year-after-year. Once solely limited to large corporate wineries, the desire for more of an intimate wine tasting experience closer to Seattle has resulted in over 130 different wineries being established throughout Woodinville alone. Despite the 3+ hour drive to the actual vineyards that produce these spectacular wines to the east of the Cascade Mountains, Woodinville is a short ride away from you having access to a cornucopia of wines.

Small family owned, estate-boutique wineries provide a warm, intimate wine tasting experience where we get to know the story behind the wine, the people whose passion drives it, and the journey that got them to where they are now. Our first winery will be one of many of these wineries where we will get invited into their story for around an hour to experience first hand, amongst new friends and old ones too, a variety of red wines, white wines, and various blends. Learn how to taste and identify the various notes being presented. Before you venture out to experience your next winery, your guide will provide you with a list of award-winning wineries that are within walking distance. Wineries such as; MaryHill, Patterson, Gorman, Mark Ryan, Airfield, Chandler Reach, Alexandria Nicole anticipate your visit and look forward to getting to know you as you get to know them. There will be an opportunity to purchase lunch nearby with a variety of food options. Get out and explore as you satisfy your palate!

En route to the Snoqualmie Falls you will enjoy seeing lush Northwest scenery including: Rolling Cascade mountain views, seasonal flower farms, the ever-flowing Snoqualmie River, expansive pastures, historical landmarks, and perhaps even some wildlife. The falls are a long-revered attraction with rich Native American history as well as being one of the top visited natural attractions within the state of Washington. There are beautiful gardens, a trail and a small gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs.

Depending on time constraints, the guide may be able to include a brief stop for a sweet treat. Tasting fees ($20-$35 average) are not covered by the cost of the tour, but are often waived with a minimum purchase.

Tour Tips:
Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring a jacket, as we go by the water and you may get chilly on overcast days. Bring an umbrella if appropriate, and don’t forget your camera. We’re your host in Seattle and are committed to showing you a memorable time, so be ready for a great tour!

Alcohol is only served to those over age 21 who present ID at the wineries.

All prices include tax and courtesy pickup. Gratuity is appreciated and graciously accepted.

Tour must include a minimum of 4 passengers!

King County will be requiring that all customers 12-years of age and older, provide verification that they are either fully vaccinated or covid negative in order to enter restaurants and indoor establishments.
Run Time:
6 hours