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Zion National Park by Adventure Photo Tours

Adventure Photo Tours - Zion National Park

3111 S Valley View Blvd. X 106
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

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5/24 Tuesday
  1. 7:00AM
5/26 Thursday
  1. 7:00AM
5/31 Tuesday
  1. 7:00AM
6/02 Thursday
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6/07 Tuesday
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6/09 Thursday
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6/14 Tuesday
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6/16 Thursday
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6/21 Tuesday
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6/23 Thursday
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About Zion National Park by Adventure Photo Tours

Artists and photographers have been drawn to Zion for the past 100 years in an effort to capture its infinite beauty and colors. The incredible landscape of Zion is a magnificent display of beauty that is a perpetual source of inspiration and renewal for us all. Zion is a spiritual experience that will forever move you. One hundred million years ago the Virgin River started cutting its way through the sandstone of southwestern Utah exposing the fabulous colors of the canyon walls. You'll see and explore wonderful locations like the amazing Checkerboard Mesa, the Virgin River Gorge, the sheer Red Marbled cliffs in the canyon, Mt. Carmel Highway and awesome tunnel system through the mountain, endless stunning views with stops and photo ops throughout this tour, the Great Arch of Zion, and Virgin River Views. This tour is breathtaking and one of the very best in the American Southwest! Zion National Park is a nature preserve distinguished by Zion Canyon's stunning rock formations, its multitude of colors and steep red cliffs. Zion Canyon's Scenic Drive cuts through its main section, leading to forest trails along the Virgin River. Zion National Park is like the set of a movie that's so grand you know it must be a painted backdrop, but you don't care because it's delicious to look at; the kind of flick where the art director was given carte blanche and didn't worry about believe-ability. Zion is both the oldest park and the oldest National Park in Utah. It was opened 1919 and shows off the magnificent geologic layers this side of the Grand Canyon (150 million years old). Zion means "the heavenly city" and although there are no churches in Zion Park, there is much to inspire reverence. And, if you listen closely, you can hear "You’re welcome" softly echoing through the canyons of Zion.

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Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00am

Approximately 12 hours, Hotel to hotel

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