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Area 51 VIP Tour

Adventure Photo Tours - Area 51 VIP Tour

3111 S Valley View Blvd. X 106
Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

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Upcoming Dates

5/25 Wednesday
  1. 7:00AM
5/28 Saturday
  1. 7:00AM
5/30 Monday
  1. 7:00AM
6/01 Wednesday
  1. 7:00AM
6/04 Saturday
  1. 7:00AM
6/06 Monday
  1. 7:00AM
6/08 Wednesday
  1. 7:00AM
6/11 Saturday
  1. 7:00AM
6/13 Monday
  1. 7:00AM
6/15 Wednesday
  1. 7:00AM
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About Area 51 VIP Tour

This day starts with a viewing of the top secret Janet Airlines, the airline that doesn't exist! Based at Las Vegas International Airport, this fleet of unmarked jets transport workers daily to and from the infamous "Area 51." We then enjoy an incredibly remote and scenic drive to inspect very unusual ancient Indian Petroglyphs that resemble aliens. Next we explore a Mysterious Dry Lake where recent UFO sightings have occurred. After another beautiful drive along the "Extraterrestrial Highway" we arrive at the famous Little A'Le' Inn. This location has been host to numerous documentaries and movies including the filming of "Independence Day." Here you will find a wealth of information on this top-secret area. Captain Chuck Clark, an ex-Air Force captain, has written a manual on Area 51 which is available for sale. After a very tasty Alien Burger at the Little A'Le' Inn we will travel to the infamous Black Mailbox, a sacred meeting place for UFO enthusiasts. Our adventure continues through the strange and very unusual, deformed, Joshua tree Forest to arrive at the incredibly remote and absolute perimeter of Area 51. We will see the guards (The Men In Black), the detection devices, listening devices and cameras mounted among the cacti. The signs read, "Use of Deadly Force Authorized" and they mean it. You can wave at the heavily armed guards in the 4x4 parked on the desert hillside but they don't wave back, they just watch from behind their darkened windows. As much as the United States government, for decades, denied the existence of this base, we now know it is there but no one knows what they do there. This is an Extreme Tour to the world's most top secret military facility, the real home of the X Files, AREA 51.

What's Included?
- Lunch at the famous Little A'Le' Inn
- Great Photo Opportunities
- Unlimited bottled water
- Hotel to Hotel Transfers

Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday at 7:00am

Approximately 10 hours, Hotel to Hotel

Age Limits:
All ages welcomed