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Yosemite & Giant Sequoia Tour – Extranomical Tours

Extranomical Tours

928 Harrison Street
San Francisco, California 94107

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5/31 Tuesday
  1. 5:50am - 7:00am
6/01 Wednesday
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6/02 Thursday
  1. 5:50am - 7:00am
6/03 Friday
  1. 5:50am - 7:00am
6/04 Saturday
  1. 5:50am - 7:00am
6/05 Sunday
  1. 5:50am - 7:00am
6/06 Monday
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6/07 Tuesday
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6/08 Wednesday
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6/09 Thursday
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About Yosemite & Giant Sequoia Tour – Extranomical Tours

The one-day combination of Yosemite National Park & the Giant Sequoias Tour from San Francisco is a great way to get the most out of your Yosemite Tour. Our Total Yosemite Experience One-Day Tour maximizes the time you spend in Yosemite National Park by starting early and traveling efficiently in a 15-passenger van or 41-passenger minibus. This allows us to cover both Yosemite Valley & the Giant Sequoias in one day and spend more time in the park (approx. five hours) than any other Yosemite tour available. Unlike most other tours, we drive to a higher altitude and lesser traveled parts of Yosemite. For example, you may have a chance to hike in the evergreen forest to see a Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias (weather and trail conditions permitting), the world's largest living things.

DURING WINTER MONTHS • Winter clothes, especially shoes or boots with rubber soles and treads, are recommended.
• We will always do what we can to make your trip enjoyable, but safety is “Job 1”, so the route and itinerary may be changed due to snow depth, road conditions, construction projects and detours.
• Note: The Giant Sequoias hike on the Yosemite Tour is dependent on snow levels and trail conditions from October to April.

Tour Schedule: Daily at 7:00am

- Park admission is included in the tour price. A $25 fee will be charged for changes on tour dates.
- Note, departure times vary depending on the pickup location.
- Guests must call in advance to schedule hotel pick up and confirm tours – information will be found on vouchers received post purchase.