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Banachek's Mind Games Live

Stratosphere Theater

2000 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

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Upcoming Dates

5/23 Monday
  1. 4:00PM
5/25 Wednesday
  1. 4:00PM
5/26 Thursday
  1. 4:00PM
5/29 Sunday
  1. 4:00PM
5/30 Monday
  1. 4:00PM
6/04 Saturday
  1. 4:00PM
6/05 Sunday
  1. 4:00PM
6/06 Monday
  1. 4:00PM
6/08 Wednesday
  1. 4:00PM
6/09 Thursday
  1. 4:00PM
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About Banachek's Mind Games Live

Banachek’s ‘Mind Games Live’ is a mind-blowing, fully interactive show that will leave you guessing “how does he know that?” Mystifying, mind-melting, entertainment that is second to none, what you believe is real and imagined will never be the same. A thrilling display of incredible feats, ESP, and impossible predictions. Whether you believe in psychic powers or are a die-hard skeptic, you will be amazed all while being thoroughly entertained.

Daily at 4:00pm; Dark Tuesday and Friday

Approximately 75 Minutes

Age Restriction:
Ages 5+